Best Multivitamins For Bodybuilders – Top 10

Best Multivitamins For Bodybuilders - Top 10

If you’re already clear on the importance of multivitamins for people in general and bodybuilders in particular, then feel free to head straight down to our top ten picks list for the best multivitamins for bodybuilders to see which products we recommend and why.  If you’re new to the topic, please read on.

The myth of a nutrient-rich diet

Perhaps the term “myth” is a bit harsh, so let’s go for overstatement, which strikes us as fair enough.  Health authorities are always encouraging us to eat a healthy diet, which basically translates as one which contains an appropriate balance of unprocessed foods and minimally processed foods (think steaming instead of boiling).  This is absolutely fair and reasonable and we’re all in favor of it, our issue is the implication that if you do this you will be able to get all the nutrients you need purely from your diet.

In the real world, the harsh fact is that large-scale, commercial food growing tends to focus on maximizing productivity and hence values quantity and conformity over quality.  Let us explain.

Supermarkets and large food companies want to buy the supplies they need at the lowest possible price and so to succeed in business a large-scale farmer has to be able to accommodate this and still make a profit for themselves.  This means, bluntly, that large-scale farming usually focuses on maximizing yield by whatever legal means possible rather than on growing produce with the maximum nutritional value.

Supermarkets and large food companies also want food, which is easy for them to manage, in other words each item of produce should be of a similar appearance, size, shape and weight.  This makes it easy to price, package and transport.  While it does have to meet minimum standards in terms of taste, this tends to be a far lower consideration and nutritional values are lower still.

Putting all this together, basically means that produce sold in major stores and/or created by major companies may have far less nutritional value than you might have expected if you’ve been reading up on healthy eating.

Some people may be able to improve the nutrient value of their diet by opting for high-quality produce, for example by buying for organic products, ideally grown on a smaller scale and/or by growing their own food.  Of course, the former can work out expensive and the latter requires both space and time and hence may only be practical for a small number of people (who probably live outside major cities).

Best Multivitamins For Bodybuilders

Even in this “ideal world”, however, people who are really focusing on pushing their bodies as far as they can go are very likely to need a much higher level of nutrients than they can get from diet alone.  Let us explain.

Foods come as a complete package, for example if you eat a piece of fruit, you will consume fiber and sugar and often some water as well as the vitamins and minerals, which might have been your reason for choosing that piece of fruit.

It therefore follows that if you try to increase your intake of a particular vitamin purely through a selective diet, there is a distinct possibility that you will find yourself consuming a lot of what you don’t need so that you can be sure to get enough of what you do.

For example, let’s say you aim to increase your intake of vitamin C through diet alone, what are your options?

You could increase your intake of orange juice, which is very tasty but also very high in fruit sugars and you’ll also fill your stomach with liquid, which is less filling than fiber and will increase the frequency with which you need to go to the bathroom.

You could eat more vitamin C rich foods such as oranges or potatoes (with their skins on), which removes the issues of sugar and excess liquid but means you will be eating a lot of fiber, quite possibly more than you need and possibly more than your body can process comfortably.  Fiber is important but you can definitely overdo it.

You can take a supplement.

Now, just to be clear, we’re absolutely not advocating trying to get all or even most of your vitamin content from supplements rather than from your diet.  If you’re eating a bad diet, then we’d recommend that you improve it (although you may benefit from taking vitamin supplements while you sort out your diet).

What we are saying, however, is that if you are in training and you have a higher-than-average need for vitamins and minerals in general and specific vitamins and minerals in particular, then you’re probably going to find it a real challenge to get all the nutrients you need purely from your diet.

As evidence for this, we’d point to the range of ingredients used in the supplements we recommend.  They include oyster concentrate, garcinia cambogia, uva ursi, saw palmetto and green coffee bean.  In the real world, how many people really want to stock all these ingredients and use them on an individual basis, making sure they finish their whole supply before it goes out of date?

In short, when it comes to making sure that bodybuilders get all the nutrients they need, there is a clear case in favor of using multivitamins and this is widely recognized in the bodybuilding world.  We’ve therefore put together a list of what we think are the best multivitamins for bodybuilders and an explanation as to why.

Most of the supplements on our list are suitable for men and women, but there are two which are aimed at men and one which is aimed at women.  We’ve also included a couple of supplements which are intended for beginners as well as options for more experienced and/or serious bodybuilders.

Best Multivitamins For Bodybuilders

Dymatize Super Multi

Dymatize Super Multi is specifically tailored to provide the sort of nutrients needed by athletes at the sort of levels they need, which is generally (far) in excess of the standard recommended dietary allowance.  There are over 25 vitamins and minerals including vitamin A for cell health and vitamin C to help the body repair itself after exertion or injury.  Dymatize Super Multi pills are sized and shaped to be easy to swallow and are absorbed very quickly.

Dymatize Super Multi Vitamins, 120 Caplets
4 Reviews
Dymatize Super Multi Vitamins, 120 Caplets
  • 120 Caplets of Dymatize Super Multi Vitamins
  • Perfect blend of vitamins & minerals for hard training athletes
  • 30 vitamins and minerals, including all B vitamins
  • Ample dose of key antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E
  • Uses special coating to help easy swallowing & efficient absorbtion rate
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Inner Armour Blue Body Armour Elite

Inner Armour Blue Body Armour Elite is more generic than some of the other supplements in that it’s intended for use by people who are very fit and active, rather than specifically by bodybuilders.  With this in mind, it is designed to promote overall health and a strong immune system rather than being tailored to the development of muscle.  Having said that, Inner Armour is a quality brand and we think that this option is perfectly suitable for beginners and those who are happy to undertake bodybuilding at a lower level.

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Inner Armour Training-peak

Inner Armour Training-peak is unusual amongst our choice of supplements in that it contains whey protein, which is loved by athletes for the way it helps with the development of lean muscle and also helps to reduce post-workout soreness.  There are also omega-3 fatty acids and electrolytes to go with the range of over 20 vitamins and minerals.  The zinc source is not specified but the product is described as being shellfish free and suitable for vegans so it is presumably not from oyster concentrate.

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Musclepharm Arnold Iron Pack

Musclepharm is one of the most respected names in supplements particularly in the world of bodybuilding and their “Arnold” series is developed with input from Arnold Schwarzenegger.  While we’re frankly, generally rather cynical as to how much input celebrities actually have into the products with their name on them, the collaboration between Musclepharm and Arnold Schwarzenegger strikes us as being very different in that whatever you may think of Schwarzenegger’s politics, he was and remains one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time and gives the impression of knowing his stuff.  Musclepharm Arnold Iron Pack contains all three branch-chain amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, a liver tab complex and a joint performance blend.  Our only regret about this product is that it uses fish oils and beef liver instead of being purely plant based, hence vegetarians and vegans will have to look elsewhere.

Musclepharm | Armor-V Sport Daily Multivitamin and Mineral Capsule | Total Immune System Support with B Vitamins for Energy and Metabolism Support | 180 Capsules, 30 Serving
258 Reviews
Musclepharm | Armor-V Sport Daily Multivitamin and Mineral Capsule | Total Immune System Support with B Vitamins for Energy and Metabolism Support | 180 Capsules, 30 Serving
  • Armor-V Is The Most Comprehensive Multi-Nutrient Complex Available - Specifically Formulated To Feed Your Body With Everything Nature Intended And Then Some
  • Loaded With Pure Vegetable And Fruit Derivatives, Antioxidants, And System Optimizers
  • Metabolism & Immune System Support
  • Uniquely Offers Omega Fatty Acids For Heart, Brain, And Cardiovascular Health
  • The Athlete's Daily Vitamin
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Muscletech Platinum Multivitamin

Muscletech Platinum Multivitamin is aimed at gym users in general but clearly has muscle development in mind and hence can be useful to bodybuilders.  In addition to 20 vitamins and minerals, Muscletech Platinum Multivitamin contains an amino support matrix, a herbal matrix which includes saw palmetto and green coffee bean extract an enzyme complex and a mineral support complex.  The ingredients Muscletech Platinum Multivitamin have been chosen for digestibility and bioavailability and the supplement comes in capsule form making it convenient to swallow.

MuscleTech Platinum Multi Vitamin 90 Count (2 Pack)
6 Reviews
MuscleTech Platinum Multi Vitamin 90 Count (2 Pack)
  • 2 Pack
  • 20 Vitamins and Minerals with 865mg of Amino Acids to Support General Health
  • Advanced High-Potency Vitamins and Minerals
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Myogenix Myovite Multivitamin

Our inner child loves the alliteration in this name but on a more serious note, this particular supplement is more towards the mainstream side of our top ten picks, in that it’s aimed at people who aim to maintain a high level of fitness and those who participate in athletic activities rather than at serious bodybuilders, but we think it’s more than adequate for beginners and/or those who take a gentler approach to bodybuilding.  What we really like about this supplement is that it contains ingredients to cleanse the liver and hence the bloodstream.  This can be overlooked but is actually really important to health and wellness.

66 Reviews
  • Performance optimizers: Supports muscular endurance, lean muscle mass and recovery
  • Liver detox: Supports daily liver health and detoxification
  • Joint & tissue support: To support healthy joint structures, connective tissue, and to help your bod
  • Cardiovascular and healthy cholesterol support: For a healthy heart and cardiovascular system
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Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

Like Xpi Vitaripped, the other male-targeted supplement on our list, Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men promotes the production of testosterone, which diminishes as men age.  It should be noted that the zinc source in this product is from oyster concentrate and hence may not be suitable for some people, on the plus side this supplement comes in tablet form and hence is free of gelatin, which can be made from pork or beef byproducts.  Overall, Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men contains more than 75 active ingredients in 4 blends to promote men’s health.  Again, there is nothing to stop women taking this product, but it is not tailored to the needs of women and so Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women would probably be a better choice.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men, Mens Daily Multivitamin Supplement with Vitamins C, D, E, B12, 240 Count
2,217 Reviews
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men, Mens Daily Multivitamin Supplement with Vitamins C, D, E, B12, 240 Count
  • High-Potency Multivitamin for Active Men. 75+ Ingredients in 4 Performance Blends. 25 Vitamins & Essential Minerals and 1 Gram of Free Form Amino Acids, 1,500 IU of Vitamin D.
  • We recommend that the product be stored in the original container and kept in a cool, dry place. Be sure to put lid on tight and do not leave containers open for extended time.
  • At Optimum Nutrition, we take quality and customer satisfaction very seriously. If you are not satisfied with Opti-Men for any reason, please contact ON Consumer Affairs at
  • We are aware that some consumers have reported product crumbling when Opti-Men tablets are removed from the original container and put into pill carrying cases. The product is safe to consume. The crumbling is due to excess exposure to moisture in the environment when put into the pill carrying cases. There have been isolated reports of crumbling in original bottle as well. We are implementing changes to increase the integrity of the tablet when stored in all containers. You may notice a change in a color of the tablet as a result.
  • Take 3 Tablets Daily with Meals
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Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

We’re less than thrilled about the packaging of Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women but it’s what’s inside that counts and what’s inside is Vegetarian Society approved Vcaps full of natural ingredients with a range of vitamins and minerals specially chosen to meet the nutritional needs of women (pregnant women and nursing mothers should seek a doctor’s advice before taking supplements).  Ingredients include garcinia cambogia, uva ursi, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Citrus Bioflavonoids and Lycopene.  Again, there’s nothing to stop men taking this supplement but it is not tailored to men’s needs.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women, Womens Daily Multivitamin Supplement with Iron, 120 Capsules
1,469 Reviews
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women, Womens Daily Multivitamin Supplement with Iron, 120 Capsules
  • Combines Vitamins and Essential Minerals with Ostivone, Soy Isoflavones and much more to create an all-inclusive women's formula
  • With 23 vitamins & essential Minerals
  • With added calcium, iron and folic acid
  • Contains 17 Specialty ingredients
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Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

Unlike some of other supplements on our list, which have been designed for active people in general rather than specifically for bodybuilders, Universal Nutrition Animal Pak has been created specifically for bodybuilders male and female alike.  It consists of four complexes: amino acid, performance, antioxidant and digestive enzyme, the purposes of which are pretty much self explanatory.  Universal Nutrition Animal Pak aims to serve the dual purpose of counterbalancing deficiencies in your diet (which can occur even when you eat well) and helping to provide general support to your training program.  It is entirely free of chemical stimulants, such as caffeine and contains only natural energy boosters, which have been proven to work.

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Multivitamin Supplement 44 Count
1,730 Reviews
Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Sports Nutrition Multivitamin Supplement 44 Count
  • Multivitamin, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Digestive enzymes, and a performance complex with Carnitine, Milk Thistle, and many more ingredients that covers handfuls of supplements in a single Animal Pak dosage
  • Convenient packs of each serving so you can take your Animal Pak on the go or keep it in your gym bag
  • Bodybuilders, strength athletes, and high level athletes have trusted Animal Pak for over 30 years. Standing the test of time that only the true original can withstand
  • High quality supplements manufactured in the U.S.A. in a cGMP manufacturing facility to ensure you are getting exactly what's on the label
  • Animal Pak is the foundation to any supplement stack and is the perfect product to build a custom Animal Supplement Stack from
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Xpi Vitaripped

Xpi Vitaripped is designed to support the male body through the aging process.  The factor which means that this supplement is targeted at men is the fact that it prioritizes testosterone as well as providing 20 essential vitamins and minerals.  Testosterone plays a major role in developing and maintaining muscle and as men age their testosterone production drops hence impacting their ability to reach their physical peak.  There is nothing to stop younger men using this product, or indeed women, but older men are the target market.  Users may wish to note that this product contains gelatin, which is a meat byproduct and may be made derived from pigs and/or cows.

Vitaripped 60 Caps - Complete Multivitamin For the Active Man - Over 20 Essential Vitamins & Minerals - All Natural Ingredients & Testosterone Blend
5 Reviews
Vitaripped 60 Caps - Complete Multivitamin For the Active Man - Over 20 Essential Vitamins & Minerals - All Natural Ingredients & Testosterone Blend
  • Over 20 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Supports Testosterone For Muscle Gains
  • Supports Libido and Virility
  • Probiotics For Digestive Health
  • Anti-Oxidants For Defense Against Free Radicals

Best Multivitamins For Athletes

For many sports, there reliance and strain on the body and its muscles can be very similar to that of a bodybuilder. would this 'best multivitamins for bodybuilders' list be identical to a 'best multivitamins for athletes' list?? We, yes, very close... As vitamins and there dosing is scheduled throughout the day, there should never really be a drop in the amount of each in the body, as such, any item on this list would be great for both bodybuilders and other athletes alike.

Overall - Best Multivitamins For Bodybuilders

depending on price point, personal taste and preference, any of the above multivitamins for bodybuilders would be a great addition to your arsenal and you should probably be best to try 2 or 3 to find the best for you, however, one thing is for certain, if the item is not on the list, it is more than likely not even worth trying in the first place

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