Best Myprotein Flavour Whey Review – What Flavour Is Best?

We all know MyProtein are an excellent bulk powders supplier and we all know their products do you good.  Let’s be honest though, for many people it’s important that any whey protein powder tastes at least passable.  With this in mind, we thought we’d give you a round-up of the (currently) available flavours of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein (all 53 of them plus the unflavoured option) and what we think of them.  All nutritional values quoted are based on a standard 25g serving.  We’ve tried to group the flavours into (rough) categories, for example putting all the chocolate ones together on the grounds that you either like chocolate or you don’t.


Obviously this product is a bit of the “odd one out” in a flavour review in the sense that it doesn’t actually have one.  It does, however, have 21g of protein and 4.5g of branch-chain amino acids including 2g of Leucine.  It’s also the most affordable of all the available varieties of MyProtein Impact Whey Protein and hence may appeal to those on tighter budgets.  Some people do actually like unflavoured protein, others just get it down them, but if you’re neither of the above then you still have options.  One is to mix this about 50/50 with a more appealing flavour.  Obviously this dilutes the other flavour, but many people find this a decent compromise.  Another option is to use milkshake flavouring or coffee syrup, although both of these work best if you’re mixing with milk.  You can also try adding unflavoured protein as an extra “hidden” element in something you do like.  A fruit smoothie with unflavoured protein, oats and flax is pretty much a meal in itself.  Alternatively if you’re working on bulking up, add oats and peanut butter.  As a final option,  you could try mixing your whey protein with flavoured soya milk.  This is a more expensive option but it also increases the protein content.

Tastes like chocolate

A hefty 15 of the 53 flavours on offer are variations on chocolate (that’s just over a quarter).  They are:

Chocolate Banana

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Caramel

Chocolate Coconut

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Nut

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Smooth

Coco Cereal

Natural Chocolate

Stevia Chocolate

Stevia Chocolate Mint


White Chocolate

If you’ve got this far we assume you like chocolate, in which case what you need to know is that the “base” chocolate flavour “Chocolate Smooth” does actually taste like a decent chocolate milkshake, at least it does when mixed with milk.  When mixed with water you can tell it’s chocolate and the taste is still pretty reasonable, it just goes down a notch.  Chocolate Brownie tastes like a premium chocolate milkshake, at least when mixed with milk and is still very respectable when mixed with water.  Most of the other chocolate flavours vary from good (Chocolate Banana) to great (Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Orange).  The exception is the flavours involving nuts (Chocolate Nut and Chocolate Peanut Butter).  We’ve never tried it ourselves, but we get the impression that it’s really hard to manufacture a chocolate protein/nut shake since we regularly hear gripes about these kinds of flavours from all kinds of manufacturers.  Sadly we have to say that we agree in this case, at least up to a point.  These are perfectly decent chocolate flavours, the chocolate part of the taste is fine.  It’s just they taste nothing like the healthy equivalent of a standard chocolate and nut mix.

We have to be honest and say we’re unimpressed by the Stevia Chocolate or Stevia Chocolate Mint, at current time it seems to be rather too much Stevia and rather too little chocolate for our taste buds.  If you’re into Stevia and want to try either of these flavours, we’d suggest you try to get hold of a free sample before you commit to buying a full-size packet.  For those who are wondering why Tiramisu is in here, we thought about putting it with the “other” flavours at the end, but in our opinion it’s essentially a twist on chocolate and a very good one.  It has a rich and creamy flavour even when mixed with water and could just about pass as a dessert when mixed with milk.

The old standard

Vanilla is a staple of protein shake manufacturers everywhere, probably because it’s mild and a natural fit with whey protein.  Basically you’re drinking a very thin version of custard.  It’s hard to go wrong with vanilla-flavoured whey protein and we’re quite happy with the MyProtein version of it.  If unflavoured’s a step too far for you, but you’re unimpressed with fancier flavours, then Vanilla is probably the choice for you.

Stevia sweet

At the moment there are six “Stevia” flavours in the MyProtein range and we put Stevia Chocolate and Stevia Chocolate Mint in with the other chocolate flavours.  The remainder are:

Stevia Banana

Stevia Blueberry and Raspberry

Stevia Strawberry

Stevia Vanilla

These all smell pretty much like their standard (non-Stevia?) equivalents, but the tastes vary somewhat.  To be perfectly honest, we’re less than enthusiastic about the regular Blueberry flavour, but then we’re less than enthusiastic about blueberries in general.  We’re even less keen on Stevia Blueberry and Raspberry, which to us has a very artificial flavour.  Stevia Vanilla tastes just like normal milk to us, which some people may find an improvement on the unflavoured version.  You might want to try lowering the recommended amount of water to give a more concentrated taste.  Likewise the Stevia Banana has a decent taste but is pretty weak, again, lowering the concentration may help.  Stevia Strawberry is reasonable in our opinion, it does actually taste of strawberries but the Stevia element is a bit more noticeable than we, personally, would like.

Here's a Video Review Of Some of The MyProtein Best Whey Flavours

All natural

We put Natural Chocolate in with the other chocolate flavours.  Your other “natural” options are:

Natural Banana

Natural Strawberry

Natural Vanilla

MyProtein is a bit coy about what, exactly, makes these “natural” flavours different from their counterparts.  The only clue is that the ingredients list for them states “natural flavouring” rather than “flavouring” as with the others.  Taste wise, they are what they say on the pouch.  All are perfectly mixable and drinkable, whether or not you like them therefore depends on whether or not you like the flavours in general.

Feeling fruity

We’ve created this group out of all the flavours we think we’re essentially intended to be straightforward fruit flavours even if their names suggest otherwise.  If you’re into fruit, your list of options is:



Orange Cream



Strawberry Cream

Summer Fruits

Vanilla and Raspberry

Taste-wise this is a bit of a mixed bag.  It’s hard to go wrong with banana, at least a far as protein shakes are concerned, and the Banana flavour is as good as any other we’ve tried.  As we’ve already said we’re unimpressed with Blueberry but people who actually like Blueberry might have a different opinion.  Orange Cream, in our opinion, is only passable with water but very nice with milk.  We’d say Pineapple, Raspberry and Strawberry Cream were all pretty decent.  We felt they did have a slightly artificial taste, but then this is whey protein rather than a fruit salad.  You could add some fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice if you wanted to enhance the taste.  The best way we can describe Summer Fruits is that it’s pretty much the sort of flavour you’d expect if you picked up a summer fruits squash at the supermarket.  This is one variety we’d rather have with water than milk.  In our opinion Vanilla and Raspberry should really be renamed Raspberry and Vanilla.  It tastes pretty similar to standard Raspberry but is a bit creamier.  This one we’d rather have with milk.

Time for a cuppa

If you love the taste of Matcha tea or are a coffee addict, MyProtein has got you covered.  Your options are:

Coffee Caramel




We like all of these are other people seem to agree.  One benefit of the Latte over the others is that the fact that it is quite mild and creamy means that you can play about with it according to your mood on any given day, for example, by adding chocolate to make it a Mocha, whereas the others are very much what it says on the pouch, although they are very tasty.  One point to note is that these products are designed to be mixed with cold water.  If you pour hot water over them, you’ll probably curdle the whey.  You can try giving it a quick shot in a microwave once it’s mixed (obviously make sure you’re using a plastic shaker rather than a posh metal one), we’d suggest you keep to an absolute maximum of 90 seconds although 60 or less will help to reduce the chances of your whey curdling anyway.

Another Best Myprotein Flavour Whey Review Video

All the others

The remaining 18 flavours are mostly “dessert” flavours, we’ll class them as weird, wacky and sometimes wonderful.  Your choices are:

Apple crumble and custard


Blueberry Cheesecake

Cinnamon Danish

Cookies and Cream

Golden Syrup

Lemon Cheesecake

Maple Syrup


Peanut Cookie

Pecan Pie

Rhubarb and Custard

Rocky Road

Salted Caramel

Sticky Toffee Pudding


Strawberry Jam Roly Poly


Overall we’d say that all of these flavours taste at least acceptable when mixed with water.  We think that most people would agree that they were a reasonable reflection of the description.  When mixed with milk, however, these flavours become much richer and more “dessert like”.  This is actually particularly obvious with the lemon cheesecake, which may or may not be a positive depending on your thoughts on regular lemon.  Basically when this is mixed with water this variety does actually taste like straightforward lemon juice, which we love.  In fact, we could actually see this being a really nice way to end a workout in summer.  Mix it with milk, however, and it becomes much creamier and the name makes a whole lot more sense.  While we like lemon cheesecake (and indeed lemon anything), we think that this could become a bit too much to handle after only a short while.  In fact we’d say much the same about all of these flavours.  In short, unless you really love one (or more) of them, we think that the best approach might be to have one of these once a day or once every other day and use the simpler flavours the rest of the time.


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